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Pallet Rack, Pallet Racks, & Warehouse Storage Solutions

Pacific Bend Inc has been in business over 29 years providing Pallet Rack, Pallet Racks, & Warehouse Storage Solutions. At Pacific Bend Inc., our customers, research and innovation are an important part our quality and services commitment. Ensuring that our customers have access to high quality and affordable pallet rack solutions is one of our top priorities. Our enhanced teardrop pallet racks are one such example. Using premium US steel materials and customized machinery, the design we created reduces fabrication time and strengthens the pallet rack. New teardrop pallet racking comes in light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy-duty thickness and is compatible with other types of racking. This type of pallet rack solution is ideal for large warehouses or distribution centers.

Optimizing your storage layout begins with an onsite consultation to discuss your goals, measure the space, and assess potential pitfalls.

Using the latest software our engineers maximize your layout space and draft blueprints needed to meet local code regulations.

Affordable turnkey solutions include all of our services from planning & design to engineering, permits, delivery and installation.


Our pallet racks are Made in the USA using only high-grade US steel. We can fabricate any custom size, gauge or color that is required.


The machines used to produce our pallet racks are custom built and designed to make long lasting heavy-duty pallet racks.


We’ve improved the teardrop pallet rack design making it easier to assemble, adjust and compatible with other systems.

Warehouse Pallet Rack Storage Solutions

Pallet rack systems help companies maximize storage space and become more logistically efficient. Though available in a vast range of pre-determined styles, functions, and sizes. When it comes to making your selection, it is important that you select a most efficient and suitable racking system that fits your specific business needs. Pacific Bend has been installing Pallet Rack, Pallet Racks, & Warehouse Storage Solutions in California for over 29 years.

To help customers make informed decisions about pallet racks, Pacific Bend Inc., engineers are here to assist and guide you through the selection and planning process. An effective pallet rack solution will take advantage of inventory management and storage strategies that reduce stock movements. At Pacific Bend Inc., our goal is to build an effective partnership where we assist customers to implement an ideal logistical operations plan.

To learn more about our Pallet Rack, Pallet Racks, & Warehouse Storage Solutions or to speak with a Pallet Rack Engineer about your specific needs please send us your contact information.