Automated Storage, Retrieval, and Conveyor Racking Systems

The best thing that can happen to an expanding warehouse while trying to maximize productivity, with no increase in labor, is Automated Storage and Retrieval System. Not considering possible shortage of labor, workforce challenges, and the skills gap, the cost of finding and training a new employee to be able to manage the daily warehouse tasks can also be significant. Hence there is no surprise that warehouse managers are continuously looking for ways to automate. Companies are heavily investing in all types of new automated solutions. In the past decades, new automated technologies have helped to reduce the demand for labor and warehouse physical activities. It has also streamlined and organized the tasks for better productivity with less labor.

Automated storage and retrieval racking and conveyor system from Pacific Bend Inc. can eliminate travel time, eliminating time spent walking from one end of warehouse to pick to another side of a warehouse. The travel to pick in a conventional and manual fulfillment operation is time consuming. The new automated storage and retrieval systems from Pacific Bend can store items directly to a storage location. In a warehouse manual picking involves a great deal of physical effort such as reaching, bending and picking. Picking items from storage shelves involves bending, lifting, walking, pulling, pushing, twisting, climbing on ladders and many other physical tasks. Using automated systems, items stored in an automated storage and retrieval system is delivered at the exact ergonomic work height. Automated systems can substantially reduce the chance of injuries. Notice it should also alleviate absenteeism, rise in insurance premiums and claims for worker’s compensation.

Other improvement are the reduction of search time for products inside the warehouse. In traditional methodologies a warehouse staff walks to a picking shelve, spends significant time searching the shelves visually to locate the correct product. In new automated storage system all these are performed in an automated fashion. Notice the new system is also highly error proof. The automated system using conveyors system can indicate the precise location of the item to be picked. It can display the part number or even show a photo image of the required item.

In traditional or manual order fulfillment methodology, warehouse manager can fill one order at a time. Using both inventory and order management software, an automated storage and retrieval systems can sequence picks so all items are picked in one rotation. It can perform batch picking or grouping several orders with a common items together. Since multiple orders are filled at the same time, batch picking increases throughput by as much as 200%.

Optimizing the warehouse, an automated system can increase productivity from 200% to 600%. Notice automated systems can use only one operator to handle the picking assignment while traditional systems used multiple operators. Hence the workforce can be reassigned to other tasks in the warehouse. Most warehouse have learned to utilize more than two automated systems to maximize the productivity and efficiency even further.


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