What is Cantilever Racking System?

Cantilever Racking System is an innovative storage system designed to store tubing, pipe, lumber, and long crates. Cantilever racking system basically consists of heavy-duty steel built columns that are separated by braces to attain the desired length. It also has many levels of load bearing arms that are attached to the columns for efficient storing of retail goods and building materials.

Cantilever racks come in either single or double-sided. The main competitive advantage of cantilever racking storage is that it will help you to optimize your workspace better. It allows the warehouse manager to get rid of the warehouse mess. Cantilever storage methodology make it easier to display and store long, bulky items like lumber, tubing and even carpet rolls since it has no aisle frames. Clients who have used cantilever storage system have told us that it has definitely helped them to free up warehouse space and has got the merchandise off the floor.

Cantilvere storage methodology allows you to change the height of each arm and hence create optimal and safe storage of materials of any length. It also allows you to select different options for racking gauges to store either lighter or heavier loads. For storing goods along the wall, single-sided applications are available.

Basically cantilever storage methodology has no limits on dimensions and carried weight. They are very easy to install. They can also be easily relocated. Cantilever racking system allows you to optimize the warehouse space according to the type of storage business requirements.

Pacific Bend Inc. manufacturers its own racking and we get our racks installed within budget and on time. With us, it’s a turn-key operation. We usually send several quality verification engineers to verify that the installation was done right and will work. We take care of any problems that come to light before or during the installation. We guarantee our pallet racks quality and installation to be virtually problem-free.