What Is Cantilever Racking?

Cantilever racks are a type of warehouse storage system used to store odd shape size goods or building materials. Made from heavy-duty steel cantilever racking consist of columns separated by braces in order to attain the desired length. Attached to the columns are various levels of load bearing arms. Cantilever racks come in either single or double-sided configuration.

Customized cantilever racks allow you to change the height of each arm adapting to a storage methodology for the safe storage of materials. Cantilever racking comes in light, medium or heavy gauge steel. For storing goods along the wall, single-sided applications are available. Cantilever racking is very easy to install or relocate. Cantilever racking systems adapt to your space and storage requirements.

What are the advantages of cantilever racking?

Customized cantilever racks make it easier to display and store items such as pipes, lumber, tubes, furniture, cars and carpet rolls. Cantilever racking adds vertical storage, helps to organize stored products and reduces product-handling times. Clients who have used cantilever racking, point out that customized cantilever racks have helped them to free up warehouse space by removing merchandise from the floor.

cantilever racks

Cantilever Racks: A Buyer’s Guide

Once you have decided that cantilever racks are the right solution for your warehouse. You will need to gather some general information about your products.

  • What is the weight of your product?
  • How tall, how wide and how long?
  • What is the area size of the space?
cantilever racking

Once those questions have been answered and you are ready to speak with vendors, be sure to ask about the following, strength, durability and safety. Narrow your vendor selection to those that offer free on-site consultations and ask if they will deliver a customized cantilever solution. During the on-site consultation, your vendor will evaluate the space and review the types of goods you will be storing. This will help to identify any caveats and ensure that they understand your storage needs. Selecting the best cantilever rack solution will depend on your needs and budget. A customized cantilever rack will offer the best storage options.