Case Study Involving Pallet Racking and Conveyors

Pacific Bend has recently completed a three phase project for a 120,000 SF facility that needed large amount of pallet racking, and conveyors. Here is a case study for such a newly constructed facility in greater area of Los Angeles.

Having a good pre-existing relationship with the client helped Pacific Bend to win this project. In the first phase, client presented Pacific Bend Inc. with a layout of the facility. Engineers at Pacific Bend Inc. created an AutoCAD layout for the racks with their exact specifications. This layout shows where the racks to be located and exact beam level height. The highest part of the new facility must have 24 ½-foot-high uprights with five beam levels. Due to the declining roof height, the uprights were planned from 24-1/2’ high down to 14-1/2’ high.

The Pacific Bend Inc. installation team and engineers were given strict instructions to ensure that the first phase of the project was completed on time. The team were also in charge of scheduling in getting the heavy duty steel racks and wire decks shipped out on time from the Pacific Bend Inc. Redlands factory. The racks were received few days ahead of schedule to make sure planning was effective.

Pacific Bend Engineers and installers worked over several weekends to help get the project completed in a timely fashion. Ensuring a timely delivery and the right balance of uprights, beams, and wire decks, Pacific Bend Installers and crew were able to continuously work to finish the job.

The Pacific Bend Inc. crew benefited from months of safety training. Hence in a timely fashion they used company forklifts and high-lift scissor lift on-site to assemble and install the high-rise pallet storage system. Pacific Bend Inc. suggested using a wire-guided forklift system. The installation crew completed the installation with epoxy anchors to keep everything level.

Pacific Bend Inc., offering simple material handling solutions to complete engineered systems, has evolved from one salesperson to a total of ten experienced material handling experts serving San Bernardino, greater Los Angles and Orange County.