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So, what exactly is a Pallet Rack Design Layout? To create a safe warehouse environment you must first select the right storage system. This is where pallet racks or other industrial storage materials comes in. Before selecting, it is best to create a pallet rack design layout. At Pacific Bend, we understand a creating a pallet […]

How does a warehouse or distribution center manage large amounts of inventory during the holiday season?

The best thing that can happen to an expanding warehouse while trying to maximize productivity, with no increase in labor, is Automated Storage and Retrieval System. Not considering possible shortage of labor, workforce challenges, and the skills gap, the cost of finding and training a new employee to be able to manage the daily warehouse […]

Many businesses are in tough competitive environment and margins are getting smaller and smaller. Using the warehouse space optimally and utilizing maximum space combined can help with the competitive pressure. Traditional bulk floor storage requires steel or wooden stacking aids. They are attached to each pallet to make it stackable. This adds a significant cost […]

Increased sales and greater efficiency are usually the main reasons why most companies gravitate toward custom racking for their warehouse storage. This is exact case for one of the largest footwear companies in greater Los Angeles area. They achieved greater efficiency thanks to Pacific Bend Inc. custom racking designs and hence orders are shipped out […]

Located in Redlands California Pacific Bend is one of California’s largest supplier and manufacturer of warehouse shelving and new pallet racking systems. With more than 29 years of experience designing the biggest and the most cost effective racking and heavy duty shelving systems for our clients, we can provide warehouse storage solutions that can enhance […]