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One of the most common questions we get from our customers is what is more efficient: pallet racking or floor stacking? While this question can vary by individual preference, there’s some universal truths about both floor stacking and pallet racking. In this post, we’ll walk you through a basic overview of different types of pallet […]

Types of Conveyors There are a wide variety of conveyor systems such as Power Conveyors,  Incline/Decline, and many other conveyor systems. At Pacific Bend Inc., we offer only the best quality industrial storage material, including our conveyors! Conveyors are easy to install and are an affordable way to organize, distribute and manage your stock and […]

So, what exactly is a High Pile Storage Permit? Creating a safe warehouse doesn’t just stop after purchasing pallet racking or other industrial storage material. High Pile Storage Permits are needed for warehouses or businesses that intend to stock inventory over a pre-determined height. Pacific Bend Inc. understands the confusion surround permits and licensing that […]

When looking to add pallet racks to your industrial warehouse, there’s a lot to consider. Pallet racks come in a variety of different sizes and types, which may make it a bit confusing when looking to purchase quality pallet racks. In an effort to make this process a little easier, Industrial Storage Solutions is breaking […]