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So, what exactly is a Pallet Rack Design Layout? To create a safe warehouse environment you must first select the right storage system. This is where pallet racks or other industrial storage materials comes in. Before selecting, it is best to create a pallet rack design layout. At Pacific Bend, we understand a creating a pallet […]

How does a warehouse or distribution center manage large amounts of inventory during the holiday season?

What is important to a hard working warehouse manager? A warehouse manager is all about making sure that goods are correctly stored at the right space, rapidly unloaded and delivered, and most important all these happen hassle free. Modern warehouse racking systems and advances in efficient storage, multi-level picking modules for fast efficient order picking […]

  Pallet racks can be very helpful for your warehouse if you are looking to store heavy duty products. There are a lot of concerns to keep in mind when you are installing pallet racks in your warehouse. There are many safety aspects that go into pallet rack management to protect your products, and below […]