Choosing Pallet Racks

Choosing Pallet Racks

Selecting a Pallet Rack Solution

You may be in the market for a pallet rack solution if you are starting a new business that requires pallet storage or if your small business is growing and you need to expand your existing pallet rack capacity.

Pallet rack systems help companies maximize storage space and become more logistically efficient. Though available in a vast range of pre-determined styles, functions and sizes. When it comes to making your selection, it is important that you select a most efficient and suitable racking system that fits your specific business needs.

To help customers make informed decisions about pallet racks, Pacific Bend Inc., pallet rack engineers are here to assist and guide you through the selection and planning process.

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Factors to consider when planning your storage layout and making a pallet rack selection include:

Pallet Rack Risk Management

Pacific Bend Inc., pallet rack engineers will help you avoid potential pitfalls and ensure that your pallet rack system meets all code regulations. They can manage the permit process, draft blueprints, and file the permit application with your local city or government. Using a professional installation crew in accordance with all safety standards is also necessary.

Product Commodity, Pallet Size and Storage Specifications

When shopping for a pallet rack solution it is important that you look for products that are most suitable for your storage needs and not the other way around.

The type and quantity of products that you are storing are needed to identify a proper storage solution. Uniformity across packaging is optimal in order to minimize wasted space. When this is not the case, your Pacific Bend Inc., rack engineer may suggest an alternate pallet rack solution that best fits your needs.

The size, weight, and height of your pallet products will determine the number of racking spaces needed. Because of seismic or height regulations in your local area the type of product(s) that you will be storing are an important factor. A Pacific Bend Inc., pallet rack engineer can assist with storage layout and generate seismic calculations and blueprints required for permits.

Operational Floor Plan

The composition and dimensions of your warehouse, products and business nature determine the flow of goods coming in and out of the space. Limitations such as windows, dock doors, pick or pack areas and power lines all influence pallet rack design. In addition the type of material handling equipment such as a forklift designate how wide aisles should be.

Keep in mind that an effective pallet rack solution will also take advantage of inventory management and storage strategies that reduce stock movements.

At Pacific Bend Inc., our goal is to build an effective partnership where we assist customers to implement an ideal logistical operations plan.

To learn more about our warehouse solutions or to speak with an engineer about your specific needs please send us your contact information or call 888 277-9817.

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