Distribution Centers


You know you have a good distribution center when you have a great relationship with your supply chain, and you have a ton of warehouse shelving that has all of your products processed. There is steps to review and improve and review warehouse practices.

Reviewing your business

Once you’re done with the physical warehouse overhauls are over, then it’s you need to go straight to the books. Look over your recent stock turns, returns, sales volume, and shipments to get a better understanding of where your inventory is at and where they should be.

Change damaged systems

Warehouse technology is moving pretty quickly, and it’s your concern to always manage and put in your best activity. Look for any old software, hardware, and sometimes physical equipment installations. You want to make sure you are keeping up to date and looking for an upgrade or replacement with all of your products.

Make extra space

Every warehouse has some areas where it is a little too crowded or needs extra space to make shipping and receiving easier. Once renovations are done, double check and see if there needs adjustments to give employees a little more room.


Regardless of how much you trust your employees or how much security you have, there’s always room to condense everything up. Pay attention to unmonitored shipping areas, doors aren’t locking, or things to keep your network and computers safe.