How an Efficient Pallet Racking System Can Reduce Operating Cost

Located in Southern California Pacific Bend is one of California’s largest supplier and manufacturer of warehouse shelving and new pallet racking systems. With more than 29 years of experience designing the biggest and the most cost effective racking and heavy duty shelving systems for our clients, we can provide warehouse storage solutions that can enhance company’s profitability and efficiency. When we design a new warehouse storage solution, outfitting the warehouse with optimized storage system for success has always been our main goal. We strive to step up efficiency, improve productivity, reduce operating costs, and effect accuracy in any warehouse management system.

Operating costs can be reduced in a number of ways. One of the most important is the reduction of the distance between pallet racking picks. Reducing the bending, reducing the reaching required by the pick are also our main design goals. When choosing the right material handling solution, we always recommend clients to consider several important variables. The most important is cost of maintenance. Next is the additional warehouse storage components, followed by assembly and installation. Racking reliability and durability, warehouse management training, and finally daily operating cost are also considered. For example, in many situation, pallet flow racks can reduce the distances needed to pick pallets in a warehouse.

Since Pacific Bend Inc. manufacturers its own Tear Drop Pallet Racks, it can produce the larges selection and any structure and size Pallet Racking system. Pacific Bend Inc. offers Drive-in pallet racking, Pallet Flow or Dynamic Racking, and Push Back Racking. Pacific Bend Inc. Teardrop racking systems are advanced by a high quality powder coat finish in green, blue, orange or gray. Since Pacific Bend Inc. is the original manufacturer of Pallet Racking, it can offer unbeatable pricing.

Pacific Bend Inc. has also AutoCAD Engineering Services, including management of city permitting if when and where it is required. Pacific Bend Inc. also specializes in Turn-Key projects. This might include professional installation of complete warehouse storage systems.