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Engineering and Permits

Engineering and Permits

In the warehouse design phase, the goals for space optimization are identified. In our next stage, Engineering and Permits come into play.

Why Engineering?
While the visual characteristics of a pallet rack installation may look similar. Pallet size, weight, and commodity of the goods being stored need to be evaluated. Engineering calculations are performed to ensure that your pallet racks will be able to sustain not only the individual weight of one pallet but that the overall structure is safe and secure. In certain regions, seismic calculations are required in order to ensure the safety of your workers during an earthquake.

Do I need a storage rack permit?
Codes and regulations vary by city. In general, pallet rack installations over 12 feet require what is called, a high-pile permit. Fire code regulations may require the installation of an automated fire sprinkler.

CAD Design

In the planning and measuring stage, our engineers speak with you about your needs, measure the space and identify potential issues that may require special handling based on local government codes.

All the information that is gathered is then analyzed and entered into our design software in order to accomplish two things.

a) to optimize pallet rack layout for maximum storage efficiency

b) and to meet all local government code requirements.


CAD(Computer Aided Design) software is used to create the necessary floor plans that will be used to obtain your permits. Because regulations and codes are constantly changing, our experienced professionals will ensure that permit submissions include the appropriate structural design layouts, elevation details, and capacity calculations.

Fire and city inspectors will then meticulously review these plans and conduct on-site inspections before approval is given. It is therefore highly recommended that you work with an experienced professional in order to avoid delays.

Do You Still Need a Permit or a Quote on Pallet Racks?

Facilities without permits are at risk of having to tear down existing pallet rack installations. Send us your contact details and tell us how we can help you.

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