Footwear Company Uses Custom Racking To Expedite Shipping

Increased sales and greater efficiency are usually the main reasons why most companies gravitate toward custom racking for their warehouse storage. This is exact case for one of the largest footwear companies in greater Los Angeles area. They achieved greater efficiency thanks to Pacific Bend Inc. custom racking designs and hence orders are shipped out accurately and efficiently.

Our footwear company, committed to rapidly expediting orders and more efficient shipping processes, has steadily added e-commerce customers both in the U.S. and internationally thanks to their online sales growth since 2007. It has doubled its sales every year. The company signed its first lease for a small office including warehouse space after only its first year in operation. Steady rise in consumer demand for their durable, fashionable, and trendy footwear required more efficient inventory and storage solutions. It is no exaggeration that their current warehouse has tripled their original location.

By having an organized storage and shelving system in place, the new custom warehouse racking solution provided by Pacific bend Inc. has made shipping and inventory logistics seamless and has made the process of service and quality control as effective as ever.

Pacific Bend Inc. created a very close collaboration with this footwear company on a previous successful storage solutions design utilizing 200 racking uprights. This collaboration set the groundwork for the company’s next big step with rapid expansions to hold twice their original inventory.

Since Pacific Bend Inc. manufacturers its own Tear Drop Pallet Racks, it can produce the larges selection and size Pallet Racking system. Pacific Bend Inc. offers Drive-in pallet racking, Pallet Flow or Dynamic Rackingand Push Back Racking. Our Teardrop racking systems are protected by a high quality powder coat finish.

Pacific Bend Inc. has also AutoCAD Engineering Services, including management of city permitting. We specialize in Turn-Key projects. This might include professional installation of complete warehouse storage systems. Since Pacific Bend Inc. is the original manufacturer of Pallet Racking, it can offer unbeatable pricing.