In most cases, local regulations require that you obtain permits for all pallet racking. Before adding pallet racking to your facility consider the following.

Will you be storing items higher than 12 feet?
Is your sprinkler system up to date and is it adequate?
When was the facility built and is it up to code?

The answers to these questions can help determine how quickly you can obtain permits.

Types of Permits

Storage Rack Permits

Pallet racking is considered a building modification. If unsure, check with your local building and safety.

High Pile Permits

A high pile permit is required when storing goods above 12 feet in height.

How to Obtain Permits

Most building and safety permits require certified drawings that indicate that the structure is safe. Your local city and/or fire departments will inspect the plans and issue a permit if all is in order. In most cases, they will have questions and may require some changes.

Because the process can get very complex, it is best to consult with a professional.

Pacific Bend Rack Permit Services

We have the in-house expertise to assist you with all of your rack permit needs. A licensed engineer will certify that your plans meet all seismic requirements. Our Permit Technicians have worked with most cities and fire departments in Southern California. Call or email us at 888 277-9817 or for a FREE quote.


What is the cost of our permit services?
You will typically pay us a service fee for permit and engineering services plus you are also responsible for all city and fire department fees.

Why do I have to pay separately for city and fire fees?
Every city and fire department is different and these fees vary according to your specific configuration. Fees are not known until all engineering and drawings are prepared.

How will I find out what the fees are and when they are due?
Our permit technicians will notify you when they are ready to submit your plans. They will contact the city and fire departments and provide you with the amounts. In some cases, these fees can be paid over the phone.

To learn more about our pallet rack solutions or to speak with a Pallet Rack Engineer about your specific needs please send us your contact information.