How to expand you Warehouse

Do you need to expand your Warehouse?

You are not alone if you think you need a bigger warehouse. 71% of warehouse owners are looking to expand their warehouse.  And almost 40% of warehouse owners want to expand the size of their current warehouse. You may tend to ask yourself what is the need for more space or a bigger warehouse?

The decisions that involve a new warehouse can be very complex. Some companies are willing to cut labor costs to boost energy, analyze, and work to build new facilities the will improve growth.  You need to be more careful about expanding if you have experienced bullwhip effect.

Without enlarging your footprint, there are ways to increase your warehouse space. TMS is creating additional transport capacity by using both high and low tech. Instead of calling a contractor it can push the walls out by itself. Even if you aren’t an expert at e-commerce, your customers are just as demanding and impatient.

Our custom built machines can fabricate any metal racking system. We can make any size, gauge, and color of racking and shelving. Light duty and extra heavy duty pallet racks are simple for us to make. We use only the highest quality steel to fabricate our racking systems for warehouse use. Our new heavy duty pallet racks are our #1 best seller and highest quality produce we have. Our pallet racking is pound per pound and the best product we have. Low cost and high quality, our pallet racking systems can handle any job… Below are some useful strategies to help you with identifying key factors on how to expand your warehouse.

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