How To Improve Forklift Access To Inventory Goods

how to improve forklift access to inventory goods
forklift loading pallet racking

Some of our customers asked, “How to improve forklift access to inventory goods.” So we gathered a few helpful suggestions. Read more about these options below.

Most warehouses have ongoing issues with layout design and workflow. A great arrangement can help workers manage duties and tasks more quickly.  Even the prevention of accidents is tied to this efficency. No matter how big your warehouse is, you may want to review the traffic flow and improve the accessibility of your inventory.

Improve forklift access to inventory goods using your current space.

Increasing the Size of your Receiving Area

The receiving area is one of the biggest areas of your warehouse. Your staff needs to work efficiently to handle items going in and out. Workers should have ample space to avoid overflow that could clog your operations.

Keeping Aisles Open

Another important aspect of warehouse accessibility is travel space. Cramped aisles are an issue anywhere you go. Therefore expand aisle to the right fit for your equipment. This helps to prevent accidents and protect workers.

Replace Stairs with a Ramp

Replacing your stairs with a ramp will improve travel time and accessibility for workers and your inventory.  There is always going to be areas in your warehouse where there isn’t going to be enough room for a ramp. In high-traffic areas or anywhere the bulkier goods need to be transported, ramps are much quicker than stairs.

Using a Higher Density Scheme to Store Inventory Goods

Use Vertical Spacing

Making the most of vertical height is also important. Consult a professional when looking for other ways to maximize the room of your warehouse by by stacking higher. Pacific Bend Inc offers consult and custom services to help you improve the storage capacity in your warehouse. Call or email, (888) 277-9817 or

A New Pallet Rack Design

Over time, due to growth or other industry changes, you may need to reconsider the layout of your warehouse. Weighing the options, new racking may help you save money in the long run.

We hope you enjoyed our article, “How to improve forklift access to inventory goods.” However, if you are ready to make this move, don’t go at it alone. Pacific Bend Inc offers financing options and trade-in evaluations. Get started today, use our handy contact form and let us know how we can help. FREE QUOTE