How to improve warehouse storage and manage inventory

How does a warehouse or distribution center manage large amounts of inventory during the holiday season?

Managing storage capacity during busy times is an art form for some operations managers. The shuffling of goods in and out of the warehouse floor can get chaotic at times. If this was the case for you in 2017 then breathe easy. In 2018 as we start the New Year, if you get a chance to start early, storage capacity planning during the busy summer and holiday seasons will be a breeze.

Pallet racks increase vertical storage, improves efficiency, reduce space clutter and optimize inventories. Pacific Bend Inc helps warehouse and distribution centers to optimize space using well-designed layouts complete with high-pile permits where necessary.

Pallet racks fabricated from 100% US steel are stronger and more durable than imports. Those made from heavy gauge steel are ideal for holding more weight. Varieties of colors are available thanks to the powder-coating process that helps to make the pallet racks more resistant to scratching.