An Inside Look on Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Services by Industrial Storage Solutions

Pacific Bend Inc., we offer a variety of services to help make the warehouses we work with the most efficient they can be with quality material. One of the services that we focus on is our in-house design, where we take the time to plan out the best way for a warehouse to be laid out. Industrial engineering is one of our most popular services and we’re thrilled to have our very own in-house industrial engineer, Mario, who’s been with us for just under six months, and has stepped up to the plate to give effective and reliable plans for each warehouse he is assigned. In this interview, Mario explains a little bit about the job, how he has grown and what the design process entails.

ISS: Tell us about industrial engineering and what a day in the life of someone in your position look like? 

Mario: My job is to design drawings for warehouse needs, using high pile rack storage, standard pallet racks cantilever, pallet flow, push-back and the like. I also provide information to our new client base with what they need and provide layout of floor plan elevations with material listing and quantiles.

ISS: How long have you worked within this industry? What did you do before? 

Mario: This is my first time working in this industry. I used to work in architectural office, designing commercial building like retail stores, malls and restaurants.

ISS:  What got you interested in it?

M: Well, I’m a go getter and I always challenge myself every day!

ISS:  What is the most important part of the design process?

M: It depends on the client needs. It can be just needing storage racks or also getting a building permit.

ISS: How have you grown as you’ve worked here?

Mario: I am more confident and comfortable.

ISS: Why are professional layouts important?

M: I created a standard company profile for this company and we make it very professional and very informative.

ISS: When is the right time to consult a third party to pull permits for a project?

M: When we need them.

ISS:  What are the potential pitfalls of not consulting someone like yourself to help pull permits? 

M: There are no pitfalls. We just need to get it right!

We’re proud to have offer industrial engineering services from qualified and reliable employees that make industrial storage material and services from us a great experience.