Los Angeles Pallet Rack Products

Los Angeles Pallet Rack Products

Los Angeles Pallet Rack Products

The place to go for the best pricing on racking is Pacific Bend Inc. We have Los Angeles Pallet Rack Products along with many other warehouse solutions. We have new decks, beams, uprights as well as used warehouse storage racking. Call our Los Angeles Sales Office at: 951 528-4240

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Pacific Bend Inc Los Angeles Pallet Rack Products

Products made from 100% US steel hold up better than import racks. They are highly durable, long lasting and come in any custom color.

Fabricated right here in Southern California, our heavy duty solution racking will increase your storage and make your warehouse or distribution center run more efficiently.

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Los Angeles Pallet Rack Solutions

Established over 29 years ago in the Southern California area, Pacific Bend Inc manufactures and sells warehouse storage solutions. We have a sales office in Los Angeles and a manufacturing plant in Hemet but we deliver to all the communities in Los Angeles County at no extra charge. Call 951 528-4240 now for your FREE quote.

Products sold include:

Racking: Teardrop, selective, drive-in rack, pushback rack, pallet flow rack, carton flow racks. Rack accessories and other used and new rack equipment.

Rack Beams: New and used beams, c-channel, box beams, load beams and others.

Wire Decks: U-channel wire decking, waterfall wire decks, wire mesh decking and a variety of decking for any application.

Conveyor: Gravity or powered conveyor systems.

Warehouse Services: High-pile permits, Rack installation, warehouse teardown, relocation, delivery and free on-site consultation.

To learn more about our warehouse solutions or to speak with an engineer about your specific needs please send us your contact information or call 888 277-9817.

    Los Angeles Pallet Rack Locations Served

    Agoura Hills
    Bell Gardens
    Beverly Hills
    City of Commerce

    Hawaiian Gardens
    Los Angeles

    Santa Clarita
    Santa Monica
    West Hollywood
    Westlake Village