Los Angeles Pallet Racks

Los Angeles Pallet Racks

Need Pallet Racks Los Angeles?

If you have recently seen an ad for Los Angeles pallet racks, you may be wondering what the two have in common. Well, as one of the largest population centers in the world, Los Angeles is also home to many warehouses and distribution centers that deliver goods to respective markets.

The city of Los Angeles is a sunny fun filled entertainment metropolis and one of the largest cities in the US. Los Angeles is the one place where you can visit the beach, the desert and the mountains all on the same day. In winter, you can ski in the morning and spend a romantic evening at the beach. Los Angeles includes many fun things to do like Hollywood attractions, nearby theme parks, sporting events and much more. It is for this and many reasons that Los Angeles attracts such a large population base.

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Nestled amongst the neighborhoods of this large city is a network of warehouses and distributors that are responsible for moving goods from the ports to inland stores and points further east. Those managing these warehouses and distribution centers have many logistical responsibilities such as managing inventory, receiving, stocking, and shipping.

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Los Angeles Pallet Racks in Warehouses

In the typical production flow of every warehouse or distribution center, pallet racks play a most important role. Pallet racks help these managers to store goods in optimized ways. Different types of pallet rack systems help to provide easy access to products optimize the productivity of employees. Goods stored on pallet rack systems help keep warehouses and distribution centers organized.

Helping Los Angeles warehouse and distribution center managers to select the best pallet rack system is a Southern California company based out of Redlands California. Pacific Bend Inc is a manufacturer of pallet rack and warehouse storage systems. With offices in Los Angeles and Redlands, they have been serving Southern California for over 29 years. In addition to pallet racks, Pacific Bend Inc provides engineering and consultation services that help make choosing the perfect pallet rack solution a breeze. Contact Pacific Bend Inc in Los Angeles at 213 493-8454, Inland Empire 909 793-5914 or toll-free at 1-877 277-9817

Los Angeles Pallet Racks Regulations

In Los Angeles and all of California due to seismic activity pallet rack permits are required.  To meet safety and local code regulations engineers perform seismic calculations on pallet rack designs. Pacific Bend Inc engineers are very familiar with Los Angeles permit codes and can help manage the permit process.


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To learn more about our warehouse solutions or to speak with an engineer about your specific needs please send us your contact information or call 888 277-9817.

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