The Most Modern and Automated Warehouse Storage System

Here is an example of a fully automated handling for the storage and picking of frozen food in the shortest time guaranteeing a continuous cold chain. This is a resounding example of modern and efficient storage and logistic systems.This is an example of a fully automated channel storage system with shuttle technology.

As soon goods are received, the supplied pallets are transferred to the conveying system. Afterwards items are moved on system pallets to the infeed stations. For the purpose of the storage and retrieval, the pallets run through an airlock which also serves as fire protection. There is also installed oxy reduction system that reduces the oxygen content of the air in the warehouse. Any random ignition of open fire is thus avoided.

In a channel storage system the pallets are stored in eleven rack levels; fifty-seven channels per level are accessed on every side of the aisle by the five storage and retrieval machines. After accepting the pallets the storage and retrieval machines move them to the targeted Channel. There the orbiter shuttles lift the pallets and move them to the define storage position. When allocating the storage positions the logistics software considers different storage strategies as well as the type of pallet.

The channels can be operated from two aisles by using the orbiter system depending on the demand. Different batches can be stored or retrieved from the channels on two sides controlled via incremental encoders and light sensor systems.

The orbiter shuttle places the pallets in the rack channel and returns to the docking station on the storage and retrieval machine. The storage and retrieval machines store up to XXX programmable) pallets per hour and retrieve up to YYYY pallets per hour all this happens under
extreme conditions of minus degrees Celsius without limitations to system availability.

With the function of a vertical loop guides the pallets to the base level and transfers them to the respective conveying system. The empty pallets are piled in good shipping. The assignment of the pallets on the shipping lines according to delivery schedules and the retrieval is done
via three connected retrieval lines from goods receiving to good shipping.