Modern Pallet Racking, Package Flow, Conveyors, and Picking Methodologies

What is important to a hard working warehouse manager? A warehouse manager is all about making sure that goods are correctly stored at the right space, rapidly unloaded and delivered, and most important all these happen hassle free. Modern warehouse racking systems and advances in efficient storage, multi-level picking modules for fast efficient order picking or easy item retrieval and delivery help our warehouse manager to get a better nightly sleep. Here is why.

Pacific Bend Inc. engineers not only design and manufacture the requested pallet racking structure for its clients, but part of their job is to innovate and pioneer new methodologies that help a warehouse manager run his/her warehouse smoother and more efficient. In the past our engineer were able to combine many racking solutions to one complete design. For example, they have designed structures that combined several distinct elements such as package flow and/or pallet flow for first-in-first-out inventory storage. Our past innovative designs have intelligently utilized pallet racking methodologies combined with rails for flow, power conveyor and other elements. They are customer designed designed to fit the warehouse. We have also created pushback racking methodologies for simple stock replenishment.

Recently one of our past clients which is in business of computer games and software with retail outlets all over the nation found itself in a jammed warehouse situation where picking was mostly manual. Their traditional racking was not efficient anymore and they needed a better organized warehouse designed just for their type products, storage and picking where SKU count has been growing out of bound.

Pacific Bend Inc. Engineers studies their warehouse, their business model, and picking and delivery model carefully and then designed a customized picking or retrival modules along with pallet racking components which totally removed the bottle neck. The system also utilized a customized conveyor system for package rotation and movement to the right zone in the warehouse. Pacific Bend engineers were involved with the client’s engineers and managers in the very early stages of the design.

How did the final solution help? The new picking modules allow the warehouse personnel the efficiency to do the item replenishment from behind and the picking from the front. This design accomplished more work and in a smaller warehouse space. There are future plans to add even more picking modules consist of multi level zones.

In summary the newly designed racking system makes the most efficient use of labor and space. Orders are first entered and a delivery package is created at the front end. The package is then routed to each picking zone. At each picking zone, the package is examined by the picking personnel. The picking personnel received the instruction that lists all the items to be picked and placed in the package. Once the ordered items have been placed in the package, it is placed on the conveyor. It is then routed to next picking zone for other items in the original order to be placed in the package. Once the order is complete it will be sent to the shipping area on the conveyor.

How did Pacific Bend Inc. accomplished this project so quickly and efficiently as turn-key project? Pacific Bend. Inc. can manufacture the racks,  conveyors, and the rail system in one huge manufacturing plant in Redlands California. Pacific Bend Inc. is a turnkey supplier that can do it all from manufacturing to installation so the cost of overall warehouse racking system is way less expensive. If something does not function as planned, Pacific Bend Inc. takes full responsibility compared to when several companies are involved and no one wants to accept responsibility.

Most important Pacific Bend Inc. utilizes AutoCAD engineers to design and plan the warehouse in advance on paper. If permits are required, Pacific Bend can deal with city ordinance and require the necessary permits. With today’s high cost of floor space and also labor, many warehousing companies are gravitating toward pushback racking and shelving to effect most efficient storage solutions.