Need High Pile Storage Permits?

We can submit the right high pile storage permits for your pallet racks & more!

What are High Pile storage permits? Certain shelving systems must meet current state and city regulations and codes. These permits must be filled out with structural designs, layouts, elevations details, and so much more. Since regulations and codes constantly change and evolve, you should always hire an experienced professional. The professional’s job is to fill out these permits and submit them to the correct city channels. After submission, fire and city inspectors make sure the project was done correctly. These inspectors pay extra attention to inexperienced High Pile storage permit consultants.

Pacific Bend Inc. has been creating High Pile storage permits for over two decades.

The first thing we do is send one of our highly trained engineers to your location. They take measurements and photos. From there we design a 3d and 2d model of your racking system. We fill out the appropriate paperwork and submit it to the correct city channels. We will keep you up to date on all materials and submissions. Our services reach out to every city and town in California, we also have done work out of the state. Call 909-793-5914 for more details.

Locations We Service

Los Angeles Redlands San Bernardino
San Diego Riverside Las Vegas
Chino Hills Corona Inland Empire
Hollywood Yucaipa Beverly Hills
Long Beach Colton Houston
Palm Springs Palm Desert Fontana
San Francisco Rancho Cucamonga Santa Fe Springs
Santa Monica Industry City of Commerce

We Have Everything You Need!

Still Need A High Pile Storage Permit?

We handle High Pile storage permits for pallet racking, mezzanines, cantilever racks, and other warehouse storage shelving. Our office is based in Redlands but we travel all across the United States.

High Pile Storage Permit – CAD Designs

We use Autodesk CAD and Inventor to create the floor plans necessary for high pile permits. Our in-house engineers can design anything you can ever imagine.

We Fabricate Teardrop Pallet Racks

Not only do we know how to submit High Pile storage permits, we know how to fabricate and install teardrop pallet racks. We can produce any size, gauge, and color pallet racks. We deliver and install all over the country. Call 909-793-5914 for more information.