New VS Used Warehouse Material


New vs Used Warehouse Material

New vs Used Warehouse Material Breakdown

At Pacific Bend Inc., we love that we can offer both new and used to best fit your individual budget or warehouse needs. When starting the process to find high-quality warehouse material, deciding between purchasing new and used material can be a tough choice.

To help make the purchasing decision, we’ve made a quick list to help you weigh the pros and cons.

1. Price 

Unsurprisingly, used storage material is less expensive than new warehouse material, which is one of the biggest deciding factors when looking to purchase material. Be sure to know your budget before starting your search for material as it can help you eliminate many potential businesses. With cheaper options by selecting used material, it is easier to accommodate for large orders or for anyone on a budget.

2. Quality 

With new storage material from Pacific Bend Inc., you are guaranteed the highest quality storage material available nationwide. Although we only sell the best quality used warehouse material, nothing can beat the reliability of new storage material. Purchasing new material can be much more expensive but it is more likely to not need repairs or replacement as soon as used material does.

3. Availability 

Large quantities of used storage material can be difficult to track down, depending on the location of your business. Although we offer a huge selection of both new and used storage material, special orders of large quantities can be difficult to find other places. Keep in mind how much pallet racking or material you need because availability can vary from manufacturer or distributor.

Bonus Tip: Factor in the potential damage. 

Is your warehouse known for damaging goods and inventory? How did your previous warehouse storage material hold up with the day-to-day movement of your warehouse? If your previous pallet racks or material was damaged, it might be better to pick a more cost-friendly option.

We have a large selection of storage materials and can offer free quotes!