When Pacific Bend Inc. suggests Pallet Flow Racking to its Clients

Many of our new clients are facing increased production and expanding business. While aiming to optimize inventory management, they are looking for maximum pellet racking while minimizing warehouse footprint. In most of these cases we usually suggest Pallet Flow Racking or Dynamic Racking especially in warehouse FIFO methodology.

Dynamic or flow pallet storage system utilizes dynamic flow rails that are inclined in a static rack structure. This structure allows the loads that are placed on one end of the rack (on the rollers) to move gently (speed is controlled by brakes) using normal gravity to the unloading end. When unloading, as a load is removed, the loads behind it should move forward automatically on the rollers. What are the advantages? The Pallet Flow Racking should minimize labor and forklift handling. Also notice this methodology naturally effects first-in, first-out (FIFO) capability to warehouse optimization. To withstand high forklift traffic, this racking methodology must be heavy-duty.

The pallet flow racking methodology should provide better inventory management, storage efficiency, and durability. Pacific Bend Inc. uses Auto CAD warehouse design to deign exact system depth, height, and width. These are also well matched to the size of the facility. The advantages of FIFO methodology must also be examined. FIFO can eliminate labor and forklifts use to rearrange the loads. FIFO also uses forklifts only for the initial and final unloading.

Notice traditional selective pallet racking methodology requires multiple aisles. Comparing Pallet Flow Methodology with traditional selective pallet rack use, aisle space can be reduced by 75 percent. We have also witnessed that FIFO in conjunction with pallet flow allows up to 100 percent more product to be stored. All these allows optimizing production, inventory management, and storage reducing material handling costs.

Pacific Bend Inc. pallet flow storage racks are heavy duty steel and built to last. Pacific Bend pallet flow racks have more than 250% greater fork truck impact strength. Pacific Bend Inc. pallet racks are continuously welded allowing greater durability without any maintenance and has worked flawlessly from day one.