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1. How To Properly Operate A Manual Pallet Jack

pallet jack
  • From behind the pallet jack is where you should be positioned to start, because this is where you will control the manual pallet jack. The jack has a big vertical stem that should come straight up with a lever in the top rounded part, this lever allows for the pallet jacks prongs (the long flat medal forks closest to the floor) to be dropped to the floor, in order to pick up your pallet load.
  • You will then pull in the drop lever so the prongs can then be lowered. You will not see any movement of the prongs if they are already as low as they go. They should be about an inch or two off of the ground.
  • Place the prongs under the skid or pallet by pushing it through the openings on the bottom of the pallet.
  • Use the handle to jack up the load/pallet. When the prongs are beneath the pallet put the stem/handle toward your body away from the load, in order to control direction. Always make sure your aisles or walkway is clear so you can walk through safely.
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