What is a Pallet Rack System?

Pallet rack systems are material handling solutions used in warehouse and distribution centers to store pallets of goods. In their most common application, pallet rack systems consist of two uprights that are held connected by a set cross beam members. Multiple levels can be achieved using additional cross beams. In defining a pallet rack system one has to know the height, weight, and depth of the pallets being stored as well as the area size and ceiling height of the location, 

In areas that are susceptible to seismic activity, a heavy duty baseplate is welded to the bottom ends and this is bolted to the concrete floor.

Strength and weight capacities are determined using the composition of the metal used for fabrication combined with the width and type of uprights and beams used. Ideally, engineering calculations should be performed during the design phase.

pallet rack

Basic Pallet Rack

Here, two uprights and four beams are used to create a three-level storage system.

Why Do I Need a Pallet Rack System?

If you currently store goods or materials of any type. You will need to keep track of what comes in and goes out. Organization is an essential part of good recordkeeping and pallet racks are a great way to organize goods. During busy seasons or as your inventory grows pallet racks help you add vertical storage space without the cost of additional rental space. Pallet racks also help improve efficiency by making goods readily available and raise the overall productivity of your employees.

A List of Pallet Rack Types

Pacific Bend Inc pallet racks

Selective Rack

Selective is the most popular and the most cost efficient.

Drive In Rack

Drive in racks allow foklifts to drive through aisles..

pallet flow racks

Push back Rack

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pallet flow racks

Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet flow racks are used in FIFO first-in, last-out scenarios.

conveyor rack


Conveyor Rack

Conveyor systems are used to easily move goods.