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The city of Torrance is home to many warehouses in LA County. Often faced with a storage crunch they search for Pallet Racking Torrance. If you are looking to increase storage space like so many warehouse managers, then you came to the right place. We can help you increase storage space at an affordable cost.


First, let us review some pallet racking basics. The core of a pallet rack system is typically very simple. This includes only a few parts that allow it to be sturdy and durable. This includes at least two frames (also known as uprights) with some cross beams and decking. The number of beams determines levels and bays are stacked side by side to form an aisle.

pallet racking torrance
a row of pallet racking


This is one of the most popular types, as it costs less and highly efficient. The term teardrop refers to the pattern cutouts on each upright. Using a boltless design, beams attach using a 3-pin clip. This makes racks easy to assemble.

pallet rack beam
beam back view
pallet rack upright


The high cost of real estate makes expansion very difficult. A much less expensive solution is to use pallet racking. The use of pallet racks may increase your storage by as much as 37-71 percent.

So how does Pallet Racking Torrance make this happen? All warehouses are bound to lose some space due to sudden changes in their operations. We help companies reclaim this lost space by designing a new layout.

In addition, some warehouses may have unused vertical space that can be used for expansion. In addition, the use of increased heights also helps to expand storage. A high pile permit may be required when limits are increased.


In most cases and depending on the size of your space, the use of automation and technology is the first step. The new design needs to be dynamic and have a good workflow.  It is more important though that it fits your budget. Pacific Bend Inc has created a great guide for the pallet racking design layout.

The basic premise of this outline revolves around three steps.

  1. Define your storage needs.
    (Capacity, storage, racking, and workflow.)
  2. Set your budget and do not forget about permits.
    (Be sure to allocate a budget for the city of Torrance and fire permit fees. Also, think building code fixes that may be required.)
  3. Select a good vendor to be your partner.
    (Select a vendor that is asking the right questions and willing to help you complete the project.)


Our racking is RMI certified for use in the city of Torrance. This means that they are structurally sound. Made in the USA, uprights use large footplates to help meet seismic requirements.

RMI is a standard that has been around for over 50 years. A group of engineers tests the materials and grants this label. This guarantees the quality of the workmanship for our clients.

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