What Are Pallet Stops & How Do You Use Them?

In many cases, you may have a need for pallet stops. The requirements can come from a need to secure your structure or to create flue space in case of fire. Stack pallets too close to one another and you can prevent the sprinkler system from doing its job. Pallets that extend beyond the shelves and onto load-bearing walls can also be an issue.

The Benefits of Using Pallet Stops

This is where pallet rack accessories come in. One such item is pallet stops. They help to keep products safely and squarely on the shelves. Without them pallets pushed too far it can cause damage or danger.

Keep Your Warehouse Safe and Compliant.

All of the city and fire permits issued for rack storage have a common requirement. A state-licensed engineer must evaluate the plans to ensure that the structure is sound and safe. Without the proper permits, your warehouse could get fined or worse shut down.

In some cases and depending on the weight, these stops add rigidity to the whole structure.  Your engineer will make this decision based on weight and other factors. These other factors include the seismic activity and the slab thickness of your concrete floor.

At least three inspections must occur after the install is complete. These are for anchor bolts, city, and fire. Only a person that is state-licensed can carry out inspections. They are scheduled one at a time and independent of each other. It does sometimes happen that a city or fire inspector will call for pallet stops.

Pallet Rack Stops Manufacturer

A leader in the rack manufacturing industry, Pacific Bend Inc is proud to offer a new product. Our new pallet stops are an addition to our line of pallet rack protectors, pallet rack guards, and dividers. We have some of the best rack accessories and safety products around with great price points.


Overall there are more benefits to using some sort of stop than not. While they do incur an additional cost per bay, in the event of a fire, the damage won’t be as bad. Be sure to ask for a quote with and without pallet stops even if you don’t think you need them.

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Pacific Bend Inc is a sales leader in the storage rack field. Our line of products includes pallet racking, pallet stops, and protectors. We also offer high pile permits and engineering services.