Push Back Racks

Push Back Rack Systems are defined as being a high density pallet storage system. This particular system allows for pallets to be stored about six pallets deep on carriers with slightly inclined rails. Pallets are loaded onto the rack via forklift, and as loads are removed, the following load moves down, which allows it to be picked from the rack face in sequence.

push back racking warehouse

Push Back Rack Systems allow for the same amount of storage as Drive-in Systems, without having to operate a forklift into the rack. Forklift drivers never enter the push back rack system, which helps to maintain the quality of the push back rack system and minimize damage.

The push back rack carts use minimal vertical space in the workspace, as the carts stay together and move forward. Carts can developed for damaged or unstable pallets, as well as color-coded to allow operators to distinguish just how many pallets are in the bay when it is fully loaded.

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