San Pedro Pallet Racking

Looking for pallet racks in San Pedro?

San Pedro Pallet Racking from Pacific Bend is the best way to expand vertical space in your warehouse. As one of the largest suppliers on the west coast, we pass the savings on to you. Established over 6 years ago in the Southern California area, Pacific Bend continues to provide companies in the San Pedro with high value products. Through years of experience, we have learned what our clients desire the most:

Affordable Pallet Rack Solutions
Pricing is everything. As a manufacturer and reseller of pallet racks, Pacific Bend Inc can offer some of the best pricing in the city of San Pedro. You will not have to deal with wholesalers or distributors. This means you are guaranteed factory direct pricing.

Excellent Customer Service
Client relationships are important to us. This does not happen overnight. However, we are willing to make the effort. That is our commitment to you. Most of our clients in San Pedro are repeat customers.

Innovative Ideas
We understand that you are not only looking for a vendor but a true partner. Someone that can help assess your needs and offer new and unique solutions.

Quality Products
Using technology and engineering we have not only improved the pallet rack design. We custom built the machinery used in fabrication. These improvements strengthen and add durability to our pallet racks.

Warehouse Services
Pacific Bend Inc offers also offers additional warehouse services. Such as engineering, permits, demolition and warehouse teardown.

San Pedro Pallet Racking Code and Safety

High Pile Permits
Most high pile permits above 12 ft. require a sprinkler design system. This is an important aspect fire prevention included in city ordinances and fire code regulations. Permits can be obtained from the city of San Pedro.

Over the years, Pacific Bend Inc has dealt with many So Cal cities such as San Pedro to obtain client permits. We understand the process and the requirements. Even if your pallet racks are already installed, we can help you apply for a permit.

To ensure that your warehouse meets safety codes. Contact one of our Rack Engineers. They will walk you through the planning process and help keep your warehouse hazard free. They will draft the necessary documents and submit permit applications to the city.

To learn more about our warehouse solutions or to speak with an engineer about your specific needs please send us your contact information or call 888 277-9817.