Storage Permits for your Warehouse

High Pile Storage Permits
In all cases, High Pile Storage Permits are needed for warehouses that provide inventory over a certain height. You will need to provide the city with a site map and floor plan in order to submit your application for this permit. The site map and floor plan consist of fire access lanes, fire hydrants, exits, and sprinkler risers. It will also show the dimensions and location of the area, the location of the pallet racks, and more. Certain Shelving systems must meet certain state and city regulations and codes. Regulations and codes are constantly changing and evolving, you should always have the experienced professionals.
Here at Pacific Bend, We have been creating storage permits for over 2 decades. We handle Storage Permits for pallet racks, and warehouse shelving. One of the first things we have our engineers do is send them to your facility. They take photos, measurements, and more. After we have taken care of all of the measurements, we design a 3d and 2d model or your racking systems. Then fill out all of the paperwork and submit it to city officials. We service all of California and can work anywhere in the U.S.
Pacific Bend has accomplished tremendous expansion by selling our high-quality equipment for affordable prices. Our products are in warehouses, distribution facilities, and retail outlets all over the world. We have low cost and high-quality pallet racks that can handle any job. IF you are interested in pallet racks, high pile storage permits, beams, uprights, and more, give us a call today to receive a FREE quote. (909)793-5914