The Top Five Warehouse or Distribution Center New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

The start of a new year provides an opportunity to look back and make new plans for your warehouse or distribution center. If you are looking to improve the financial standing of your warehouse or distribution center, here are the top five best resolutions to consider. Choose just one or two to accomplish in 2019.

1. Improve Warehouse Storage by 40%.

Getting the most out of your warehouse space takes only a simple reconfiguration. Pacific Bend Inc can help Los Angeles, Anaheim, Ontario, San Diego & Fontana warehouses reclaim lost space and improve employee productivity by up to 20%. The more organized your inventory is the easier it is to store more goods. Our designers have over 30 years of pallet rack experience. What’s more, our site surveys and redesign drawings are FREE for spaces over 10,000 square feet. Take advantage of this great offer now.

2. Trade in your old pallet racking.

In some configurations and new designs, selling your old pallet racks to a vendor can help offset the cost of new storage racks. This can include regular racking, conveyors or pick modules. Free your warehouse or distribution center of old clutter and build-ups. Pacific Bend Inc can provide you with a top trade-in offer on new racks. Call to speak with a designer about your specific needs.

3. Don’t move old racking.

If you are moving, reducing downtime helps keep your business productive. Having to move your storage racks means a lot of product movement. At Pacific Bend Inc, we have helped customers consolidate their warehouse or distribution center at the new location by installing new pallet racking and reducing the impact of downtime.

4. Plan a phased deployment.

A new installation or new design can negatively affect everyday business operations. However, Pacific Bend Inc can help you create a brand new design that improves your space and we can do this in multiple phases in order to minimize the impact on your business.

5. Go vertical with pallet racks.

If your facility is able to store goods above 8-12 feet. Obtaining a high piled permit can help you store more goods. A reconfiguration of your space means replacing a few uprights and adding a few beams to increase the number of levels. Pacific Bend Inc is a high pile permit provider and works with all cities in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties. Call and speak to one of our permit technicians to find out more.

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