What type of Pallet Racks are best suited for your business

What type of Pallet Racks are best suited for your warehouse and business:

As helpful as pallet racks are in a storage facility, there are always so many questions about using pallet racks. It can be overwhelming if you are considering pallet racks for the very first time. If you are looking to expand your warehouse with pallet racks, we have created a list of suggestions so you can better understand your warehouse storage needs.

When you should consider purchasing pallet racks

There are many important aspects that can go into purchasing pallet racks for the very first time. It is important to measure the impact of benefits pallet racks provide in your company. You may want to ask yourself; what products am I storing? What is my warehouse capacity? And last but not least, do you have enough heavy duty equipment or inventory products that you might need pallet racks? Pallet racks are used when and where dealing with heavy goods, stocking pallets, and more. If your company isn’t receiving large and heavy shipments then you might not need pallet racks. Most warehouses that need pallet racks deal with bulky items, and heavy equipment that can’t be stored on the floor, etc.

Different type of Pallet Racks

Teardrop Pallet Racks: They are called teardrop because of the holes that support the beams to create shelves and racks. These racks are used by a number of rack manufacturers that hold heavier products, and the capacity to customize the racks.

Angled Slot Racks: This is a new improvement in pallet racking. The rack is held up by two angled slots to allow the shelves to sit on an angle, and maintain better access.

How Pallet Racks might benefit your company

Any company that manages large inventory can benefit with an effective racking systems.  You can always count on them to be durable and sturdy to allow you to store a large number of heavier products. Pallet racks are always good to have when you’re dealing with large or heavy products.