Types of Conveyors

Types of Conveyors

Industrial Storage Solutions explores types of conveyors

There are a wide variety of conveyor systems such as Power Conveyors,  Incline/Decline, and many other conveyor systems. At Pacific Bend Inc., we offer only the best quality industrial storage material, including our conveyors! Conveyors are easy to install and are an affordable way to organize, distribute and manage your stock and inventory.

Automated Sortation Conveyor Systems Automate Sortation Conveyor offered at Industrial Storage Solutions

Automated Sortation Conveyor Systems are built-in material handling conveyor systems that mechanically separates, inducts, diverts and re-circulates items within a distribution or warehouse center to different locations within. This conveyor system is ideal for sorting out products from in-feed conveyor lines to shipping lanes, palletizing operations, packing stations and other sortation devices. Automated Sortation Conveyors are utilized when large capacities of materials need to go to different locations within a warehouse and meet the requirements that are by far too great for manual labor to execute. Automated Sortation Conveyors are versatile systems and capable of sorting a wide range of product no matter the weight or size it is. The design of this conveyor system is to achieve the growing demand for smaller order sizes, amplify shipping accuracy and more frequent shipments while improving efficiency throughout the distribution center.

Belt Conveyor Systems

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor Systems are mechanical structures that consist of at least two or more fixed pulleys and a flexible belt to convey motion and are used to handle bulky loads ranging from large regular or irregular pieces of products or materials. Belt Conveyors require low maintenance and do not require lubrication compared to other systems. Belt Conveyors are the most frequently used power systems due to the fact that they are the most versatile, least expensive and are only limited to the available space to be installed and expense limitations. Belt Conveyors are deemed to be labor saving systems that allow for large volumes of materials to move quickly through a process that allows industries to receive and ship higher volumes in a small storage space and less labor expenses. This kind of conveyor system is reliable and dependable with low energy requirements making Belt Conveyors the most logical choice for moving materials. Belt Conveyor systems are resistant to corrosion and abrasion compared to other systems that transport material.

Flexible Conveyor Systems

Flexible gravity conveyorFlexible Conveyor Systems are built on an aluminum or stainless steel conveyor beam, with low abrasion slide rails that guide a plastic multi-bending chain.  Flexible conveyors can be installed around obstacles and keep production lines flowing. Products can be directly on the conveyor or on pallets/ carriers. Flexible conveyors can be made at a variety of levels and work in many different kinds of environments. Flexible conveyors are commonly used in case packing, food packaging, pharmaceutical industries and retail stores.

Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor Systems

Skatewheel Conveyor from Industrial Storage Solutions

Skatewheel Gravity Conveyor systems are generally made of aluminum or steel manufacturing it to be lightweight and the wheels are made of either nylon, aluminum or steel. Skatewheel Gravity Conveyors are convenient, cost-efficient and easily movable compared to gravity roller conveyor systems. This kind of system is easy to reconfigure to make more space for storage of large products. Skatewheel Conveyors can be located in warehouses from pick and packing stations, assembly lines to shipping department areas. Skatewheel Conveyors allow for easy first-in first out (FIFO) inventory supply and loads glide smoothly across. Any load size of materials can be conveyed on Skatewheel Conveyors and product flow is not restricted to lanes like they are on other conveyor or pallet racking systems. Skatewheel Conveyors are useful for loading trucks with it being set up on removable stands or supports and can be used as a permanent application as well. Skatewheel Conveyors are the most economical conveyor systems that can be customized specifically as small or large Skatewheel Conveyors.

Incline/Decline Conveyor Systems

Incline Conveyor Type

Incline and Decline Conveyor systems transport materials, products and bulky packages up or down a level. Incline and Decline Conveyors can be installed between overhead conveyor lines, between floors or other warehousing systems. There are a variety of configurations for incline and decline conveyor belts and the angle of the incline or decline conveyor systems are limited by the weight and size of the packages and cartons being transported. Incline and Decline Conveyors motors are reversible and reduce downtime if packages need to be removed.

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