Warehouse Maintenance

In any business or building, warehouses need to upkeep and maintenance. Regular maintenance keeps your warehouse maintaining to full capacity, keeping our products safe, reduce the cost of production by preventing any breakdowns in the warehouse.

Creating a Maintenance Plan

Create a maintenance plan to make sure everything is taken care of and attended to. Once everything is installed in your warehouse, you will need to take an overview on shipping/receiving, forklifts, installations, delivery, etc. We know how much work it can be, but we divide it up so it all can be done at once.

Account for Inventory

Any maintenance you complete won’t interfere with any warehouse operations, but very important to account for procedures during inventory counts and repair times. Perform industrial counts on inventory such as wire shelving, industrial shelving etc.

Involve Your Employees

If your employees aren’t trained for maintenance to work its ok, they are familiar with the warehouse equipment due to the amount of time they spend on working it. You always want to keep your workers motivated and involved. If there is any damage on any of the equipment, they need to report what has been damaged. The more the workers are familiar with the equipment, it puts them into a better perspective on what exactly needs to be done.

Stick to Your Schedule:

Once maintenance schedule is posted, you want to try and stick to the best way to prevent bigger problems from happening later. Spending a small amount of time to perform maintenance tasks is preferred to looking time and money due to a larger equipment fail.