Warehouse Optimization and Safety

Pacific Bend Inc. is all about innovative storage techniques for manufacturers and distributors who carry multitude of products from hardware, food, beers, or wine. We have pioneered pallet flow racking, drive in storage systems, and AutoCAD planning and design. Our innovative warehouse planning and design using computerized AutoCAD has proven effective as how warehouse storage capacity can be doubled using high piled without the need for real estate expansion. In most cases we also apply for permits and provide drawings.

With many different kind of food that needs to be frozen and also cold soft drinks production and rising sales, to meet the upward demand, manufacturers and distributors are rapidly installing cooling systems in their warehouses. Since space is limited, to accommodate the demand, companies are facing the need for expansion. Pacific Bend Inc. smart warehouse design and panning and effective pallet racking structure and design is the most right answer to these demanding situations. We create spaces that no one believed possible.

Warehouse accidents are more common than people believe. Most of these types of accidents are as the result of poor warehouse design, racking safety, and optimization. Warehouse accidents can also seriously affect a company’s bottom line. What happens when there is an accident in a warehouse? Minor accidents in a warehouse as a result of poor pallet racking structure, quality and design cost can directly reduced productivity and of course higher insurance premiums. For warehouses that forget about safety and pallet racking optimization, the consequences of accidents might result in permanent disability or even death. Some can even face lawsuits and even criminal charges.

A Canadian company was fined $850,000 after the passing of two workers in two separate lift truck accidents. Company pled guilty to two counts of failing to take all reasonable precautions to protect the safety of its workers. Protecting warehouse employees by maintaining correct pallet racking design and maintaining quality environment by following proper safety practices is only the right thing to do.

Pacific Bend Inc. fabricates teardrop pallet racks of all sizes and gauges. We are one of the leading pallet rack manufacturers in California. With over 29 years of warehouse storage experience, we know how to handle any warehouse storage issue. Our highly trained team can produce any size order of racking, quickly and safely. The machines we use can produce light and heavy duty pallet racks. They can make any order size, no matter the length and gauge. We have decades of experience working with high pile storage rack. When you work with us, you are working with the best in the business. We have worked with thousands of companies over decades. Some of the biggest companies we worked with were Walgreens, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Zumiez, Forever 21, and Big Lots. We tailor our products to companies large and small. We know how to work with distribution centers, supply chains, and more. No matter the business, no matter the order, we will solve your storage issues.

Pacific Bend Inc. is a one-stop shop for all your pallet racking and industrial storage and shelving. We have proudly served North American warehouses by designing, supplying and installing high density and highly productive pallet racking. Pacific Bend Inc. supplies new industrial racking and shelving systems. We can design, install, repair, relocate or dismantle all types of warehouse storage equipment and racking. Located in Redlands California, Pacific Bend Inc. specializes in optimum storage systems, pallet racks, and shelving. We offer consulting services using AutoCAD drawings and prepare rack safety inspections and safety reports. To learn more about our services and products please call 909-793-5914.