How to Buy Warehouse Racking

Warehouse racking” has an essential role in any company that plans to store a large amount of goods. These steel structures keep products safe and organized. They help to improve record keeping and make product movement much easier.

Not all Warehouse Racking Is Created Equal

However, not all “warehouse racking” is the same. In seismic areas, a cautious approach to buying is required. The low-grade quality of import racks is sending costs for repairs and damaged product through the roof.

Luckily, you do not have to go far to find a solution that is of high quality and affordable. Pacific Bend Inc is an outfit with over 29 years of experience.  We have a local sales office in Los Angeles and a manufacturing plant in Hemet, CA.

We Can Help Find a Warehouse Racking Solution That Fits Your Budget

Pacific Bend Inc is a turnkey supplier and we can do it all from fabrication to installation. If you need to relocate or dismantle your “warehouse racking“, we can do that as well. We can help you reduce the costs that come with warehouse racks.

If you are looking to store more goods in the same space, then warehouse racks from Pacific Bend  is the solution. Our engineers can help design a racking solution that fits your budget. Maximize your storage capacity by up to 40% and boost productivity by up to 20%.

Pallet Rack Upright Frames

These teardrop style pallet racks uprights feature an improved column design and large base plates. Constructed from heavy-duty US steel and Made in the USA. The beams are adjustable in 2-inch increments. Frames have one or more diagonal braces. An applied powder coat finish helps to resist chips and scratches. Standard color is green.

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Pallet Rack Cross Beams

These 4″ step beams use a 3-pin connector that keeps beams securely attached. Constructed from heavy-duty US steel and Made in the USA. Two beams are required to form a shelf. Beams fit most major pallet rack brands. An applied powder coat finish helps to resist chips and scratches. Standard color is orange.

Pallet Racks Base Plates

All uprights feature a standard 5″ x 8″ base plate. Unlike static footplates, ours adds surface area and strength. These are ideal for US south-west regions. Each footplate requires four anchor bolts.

The process begins with a simple phone call. Call now for a free on-site evaluation. Get a FREE drawing if your space is over 10,000 square feet.

Contact us in Los Angeles toll-free at 888 277-9817. We will setup an on-site appointment to evaluate your “warehouse racking” needs and measure your space.