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Why Drive-in Racks?

drive through rack

Many businesses are in tough competitive environment and margins are getting smaller and smaller. Using the warehouse space optimally and utilizing maximum space combined can help with the competitive pressure. Traditional bulk floor storage requires steel or wooden stacking aids. They are attached to each pallet to make it stackable. This adds a significant cost and labor addition.

To access the pallets, Drive-in and drive-through warehouse racking require using forklifts to drive directly into the rack structure. The difference between the Drive-in racking structure and Drive-through is simple. Drive-in uses a common entry and exit. Drive-through uses entry points and exit points on both sides of the racking system. Here are the benefits:

Pacific Bend Inc. offers both Drive in and Drive through racking. We are proud to provide highly-rigid and well welded-steel frame design. We offer several additional safety options to protect against forklift accidents. We offer front legs, welded-angle column protectors, reinforced posts, free-standing column protectors. In addition we have used wider footplates, and steel guard protective railings.

Pacific Bend Inc. manufacturers its own racking and we get our racks installed within budget and on time. With us, it’s a turn-key operation. We usually send several quality verification engineers to verify that the installation was done right and will work. We take care of any problems that come to light before or during the installation. We guarantee our pallet racks quality and installation to be virtually problem-free.

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