Why Pushback (Push Back) Pallet Racks?

Companies treat their warehouse space like gold. As sales grow and demand slowly increases, there is always an struggle to utilize both vertical and floor space as efficiently as possible. The warehouse racking manufacturers are also aware of this struggle and working very hard to design racking methodologies that make better use of the time and motion of warehouse employees. The most important is of course improved accessibility of pallet racks themselves. Pushback methodology is one of the answers. Pacific Bend Inc. has pioneered many of these methodologies.

What is pushback pallet racking system or methodology? Pushback pallet racking is an effective warehouse shelving system that facilitate pallets to be easily positioned one behind the other by simple pushing of one pallet to the other to make room. It is important to note that pallets are loaded and hence unloaded from the same side of the racking system. This should eliminate separate aisles for loading or unloading. One aisle is sufficient. As a pallet is pulled to unload, the one pallet that is behind rolls forward to its new position. The system uses a series of inclined rails and carts to make this motion possible.

Since pallet loading and unloading happens in one aisle, pushback pallet racking system eliminates the need for multiple aisles in a warehouse. As we said above warehouse space is like gold and the pushback racking system is allowing much higher density in warehouse shelving. Most important is increased pallet access system. How is efficiency measured? Pushback racking system allows up to 90% more storage than traditional selective rack systems. It also allows up to 400% more selectivity than drive-in racks.

Where is pushback racking system is used? Pushback racking system is the darling of frozen food storage warehouses. Since freezer space is very expensive, storage density is 100 percent required. Pacific Bend Inc. has recently installed a 50,000 pallet pushback racking system inside the freezer warehouse space of a major frozen food producer. This racking system was facilitated based on past experience installing racking system inside a warehouse of milk producer of a major food conglomerate. When they contacted Pacific Bend Inc, the management of these companies were asking Pacific bend Inc. to maximize every possible square inch of storage space. Pacific Bend Inc. did not let them down

What makes Pacific Bend. Inc. to stand out? Pacific Bend. Inc. can manufacture both the racks and the pushback rail system. Pacific Bend Inc. is a turnkey supplier that can do it all from manufacturing to installation so the cost of overall warehouse racking system is way less expensive. If something does not function as planned, Pacific Bend Inc. takes full responsibility compared to when several companies are involved and no one wants to accept responsibility.

Most important Pacific Bend Inc. utilizes AutoCAD engineers to design and plan the warehouse in advance on paper. If permits are required, Pacific Bend can deal with city ordinance and require the necessary permits. With today’s high cost of floor space and also labor, many warehousing companies are gravitating toward pushback racking and shelving to effect most efficient storage solutions.