Wire Decking Materials

Wire deck provides the necessary space support for materials that are placed on certain pallet racking systems. It is lightweight and allows for air flow and visibility. It features an easy and convenient installation, with no tools necessary. Your warehouse will greatly benefit from wire deck, as it improves inventory, reduces debris buildup, and gives you the flexibility to store cartons.

Useful Tips

Light passing through the shelves allows the warehouse to be a brighter and safe environment. Better lighting has been proven to improve picking times and stocking efficiencies. Making the proper use of your existing lighting is how you’re going to save time and money.

Wire Decks are used to make a foundation support for items that are placed on certain pallet racking systems. Wire Decks are used to support stored products and prevent pallets or materials from falling through the rack system. Traditional decking is manufactured from plywood or wood. Improved lighting can reduce accidents in many warehouses. Working in a safe and well-lit atmosphere allows employees to focus on their duties.

In Addition, wire decking provides better visibility for positioning upper rack levels and prohibits unwanted debris. All used wire decking is inspected before being shipped or sold. Wire Decking is an efficient solution to boost the utility and safety of pallet racking. Wire decks improve the overall ability of your rack system, prevents dust from collecting and allows air and light to breeze through each storage level.

Pacific Bend Inc. provides wire deck new and used, for any warehouses or businesses nationwide. This is used to make available necessary space support for items that are placed on certain pallet racking systems. If you are interested in wire decks, feel free to give our office a call today!