Wire decks and Pallet Racks

Wire decks provides the necessary space support for materials that are placed on certain pallet racking systems. It is lightweight and allows air flow and visibility. It features an easy and convenient installation, with no tools necessary. Your warehouse will greatly benefit from wire deck, as it improves inventory, reduces debris buildup, and gives you the flexibility to store cartons.

The design of wire decking allows increased light and visibility through your pallet racks, giving your workers better access to and knowledge of whatever items are remaining on the racks. Additionally, wire decking provides better visibility for positioning upper rack levels and prohibits unwanted debris.

Adding wire decks to your pallet racks will increase the stability of the pallets and equipment being stored on these racks, helping to reduce the risk of anything falling off the pallet racks.

Wire Decking is an efficient solution to boost the utility and safety of pallet racking. Better yet, the gated design will help to increase the effectiveness of your facility’s sprinkler system in the event it’s needed. In our website you will find pallet racks, wire decks, and more. Give our sales team a call if you want to expand your warehouse today. 909-793-5914

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